How to help your team remember

How to help your team remember

When it comes to coaching, it is important to keep in mind that retaining knowledge is not something that our brains usually excel at. We unfortunately have this annoying tendency of forgetting things.

Think about a book you recently had the opportunity to read - maybe a coaching book. How much of that book do you think you can remember? 60%? 40%? Even less?

If we can forget what we read that quickly, what do you think will happen with the knowledge we receive in a training or coaching session? When we read, we do have a significant amount of control of how quickly the information is flowing from the book into your brain. We also have control over the environment since, while reading, we create it with our thoughts. But that is not what happens during a training or coaching session. Delegates actually have very little control of how quickly the information is being sent to them, and the environment, to a certain extent, is forced upon them with powerpoint, videos, and other activities that may even be fun, but not necessarily helpful to improve memory retention.

There are many studies out there trying to quantify how quickly we can forget things along the time. Although the results vary from study to study, most of them are mind-boggling. Here is an example:

Forgetting Curve

Think about it! One hour after a training or coaching session, 50% of the content might be forgotten. One day later, 70%. After one week, only 10% might still be retained.

That is quite a challenge for corporate trainers and coaches since it dramatically reduces the value of their services. Fortunately, there are a few options to reduce the negative effects of the "Forgetting Curve". Here are a couple of them:

  • Content: It must be succinct and its value must be crystal clear. Too much content has been created to impress and entertain clients rather than helping them grow.
  • Ongoing Coaching: With this approach, knowledge is transferred gradually and experience is built in a supervised fashion. A few companies have already discovered the power of ongoing coaching and are currently adjusting their coaching offerings accordingly.

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