What can procrastination do to you?

What can procrastination do to you?


Procrastination can destroy one's life - bit by bit. It moves very slowly and insidiously within our thoughts. No one is completely impervious to its influence.

Procrastination manifests itself in different aspects of our lives, with consequences that varies in intensity and relevance. But it is always there - like an innocent desire trying to persuade us to delay or postpone something.

So why can procrastination be so dangerous professionally and personally? Here are a couple of thoughts:

Low credibility

A habit of committing to do something and systematically postponing or delaying what is expected will gradually damage one's credibility. Professional and personal relationships depend on credibility to exist. Without credibility, one cannot be trusted.

Low self-esteem

Procrastination can be a dangerous path, especially when we begin to question our ability to deliver on our own commitments. That uncertainty can damage our sense of personal value and reduce our self-esteem.

What can we do to avoid procrastination?

The first step is to be aware of it. Then it comes down to a decision. Either we procrastinate, or not. We have to make that choice many times every day.