The Comfort Zone Misconception

Can you escape your comfort zone?


How many times have you heard something like "you've got to get out of your comfort zone"? As if your comfort zone was some sort of dark and evil place that would conspire against your chances for success.

You may feel perfectly happy within the boundaries of your comfort zone - and that's probably OK. But if you are unhappy with your comfort zone, you might want to look at it from a different perspective.

Your comfort zone may simply be too small when compared to another zone in your mind. Let's call it potential zone.
Potential Zone
Our potential zone is an amazing place. It holds a multitude of skills just waiting for us to master.

We all have a potential zone inside ourselves. We can decide to to push ourselves beyond our current limits, unlocking awesome new skills available in our potential zone. But not all of us will truly commit to that. Not all of us will dare.

Although our potential zone is part of our own mind, it is a well guarded territory. It will not be conquered easily.

Claiming new areas in our potential zone calls for a daily struggle that takes place within.

A struggle that always involves making mistakes in the path to learn new skills. That is the only path for us to become better versions of ourselves - a path really worth fighting for.

Our comfort zone represents nothing more, nothing less than our natural and acquired skills. We are the masters of this region in your mind. It is not a place for us to get out of. It is a place for us to be who we are.

What happens if we don't use our skills within our comfort zone?

We may soon realise that our comfort zone begins to shrink. That can be rather painful and quite unsatisfying. Skills that we fought so hard for will once again become part of our potential zone.